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Volume Navigation Tracking Bracket

Product Number:H46332LZ
For use with GE Healthcare’s C2-6b-D ultrasound transducer

Introducing the next generation CIVCO bracket that incorporates electromagnetic (EMT) tracking technology. These unique tracking brackets with pink sensor mounts are designed to hold customized EMT sensors in close proximity to the ultrasound transducer while connected to your ultrasound system. Tracking brackets must be used in ultrasound procedures where Volume Navigation (VNAV) is being performed. The convenient starter kit includes a reusable VNAV bracket and five sterile procedure kits including: telescopically-folded CIV-Flex™ transducer cover, gel packet and colored elastic bands. Non-sterile probe clips are also included for easy connection of sensor cables to the transducer cable. Electromagnetic sensors are available by contacting your GE Healthcare representative.

Features & Benefits

  • Design allows secure attachment of dual driveBAY™ sensors for stable positioning and improved accuracy throughout the procedure.
  • CIV-Flex transducer cover kit provides extended sterile field to protect against cross contamination.
  • Compatible with GE Healthcare Logiq S8 ultrasound systems with Volume Navigation.
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Product Number Description Use Instructions Box Quantity
H46332LZ Non-sterile C2-6b-D tracking bracket (pink sensor mount) with 17.8 x 147cm (7" x 58") telescopically-folded CIV-Flex cover (3D) (5) (Ref. # 442-221) 043731 1
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CIVCO Catalog CIVCO Catalog

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