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In-Plane Ultrasound Needle Guide - Ultra-Pro™

Product Number:UA1341
For use with BK Medical 8820e and 8823 transducers

CIVCO’s Needle Guidance Systems utilize a two-part system consisting of a custom reusable biopsy bracket and the required disposable snap-on needle guide called the Ultra-Pro 3. Single-angle brackets offer imaging professionals a fixed angle needle path during puncture procedures. Biopsy depth for the 8820e is 6.5cm and the 8823 is 11.4cm.

To order in the U.S., call BK Medical at 800.876.7226 or for international.

Features & Benefits


  • Repeatable, easy-to-use “quick release” feature for detachment of guide provides physician flexibility during puncture procedures.
  • Precise needle path with on-screen guidelines offers physician real-time visualization ensuring patient safety throughout the procedure.
  • Reduces technique variability providing a shorter learning curve and reduced procedure time.
  • Single-use design reduces risk of cross-contamination and increased productivity with ease and safety.
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Product Number Description Associated Part Numbers Use Instructions Box Quantity
UA1341 Non-sterile 8820e and 8823 single angle bracket (1.5cm) with Ultra-Pro 3 needle guide with 14 x 91.5cm (5.5" x 36") telescopically-folded CIV-Flex cover (3D) (5) (Ref.#420-027) 043707 1
Item Title
Ultra-Pro-3-Brochure_2008P-2385_low-res-vyq7s0 Ultra-Pro-3-Brochure_2008P-2385_low-res-vyq7s0
CIVCO-Catalog CIVCO-Catalog
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