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Tracking Bracket with Infiniti Plus™ Needle Guide

Product Number:667-132
For use with Philips L12-5 50mm ultrasound transducers on EPIQ 5 and EPIQ 7 systems
Introducing the next generation guidance system that incorporates both tracking technology and needle guidance capabilities into a single reusable bracket. This unique bracket offers a single mounting point for placement of Philips general purpose electromagnetic sensor. When ready to puncture, the disposable Infiniti Plus needle guide snaps onto the bracket and allows instruments to be positioned in the scan plane providing a safe, efficient means for ultrasound-guided puncture procedures. The open channel design of the single-use guide offers multiple angle capabilities for shallow and deep access during procedures such as tissue biopsy, fluid aspiration, and catheter placement. Infinti Plus accepts 12, 14, 16, 18 gauge or 18, 20, 21/22, 25 gauge instruments. This convenient starter kit includes a reusable Infiniti Plus Tracking bracket and five sterile procedure kits including; Infiniti Plus needle guide, telescopically-folded CIV-Flex transducer cover, gel packet and colored elastic bands. Non-sterile probe clips are also included for easy connection of sensor cables to the transducer cable. Electromagnetic sensors are available by contacting your Philips representative.

Features & Benefits

  • Design allows secure attachment of Philips sensor for stable positioning and improved accuracy throughout the procedure.
  • Infiniti Plus reduces technique variability providing a shorter learning curve and reduced procedure time.
  • Compatible with Philips EPIQ 5 & EPIQ 7 ultrasound systems.
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Product Number Description Use Instructions Box Quantity
667-132 Non-sterile L12-5 50mm single-angle tracking bracket with Infiniti Plus needle guide-18, 20, 21/22, 25GA (3); 12, 14, 16, 18GA (2); 14 x 147cm (5.5" x 58") telescopically-folded CIV-Flex cover (3D) (5) and probe clips (25) (Ref.# 467-084) 043783 1
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Infiniti Plus Brochure Infiniti Plus Brochure
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