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Narrow Width - Latex Ultrasound Probe Covers

Latex Covers (Up to 3.5" Width)
Latex covers are rolled for easy application to a variety of curved array transducers. An extended length in the larger sizes of latex offers additional sterile coverage during general puncture and drainage procedures. Latex covers are packaged with sterile gel packet and colored elastic bands.
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Product Number Description Associated Part Numbers Use Instructions Box Quantity
610-1199 Sterile 3.5 x 20cm (1.4" x 7.9") latex cover 043312 24
610-042 Sterile 4 x 30cm (1.6" x 11.8") latex cover 043312 24
610-043 Sterile 5 x 30cm (2" x 11.8") latex cover E8385LL 043312 24
610-044 Sterile 8 x 45cm (3.2" x 18") latex cover E8385LM 043312 24
610-046 Sterile 10 x 45cm (3.9" x 18") latex cover E8385LN, 914636 043312 24
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Infection-Control-Brochure_2012P-2630_low-res Infection-Control-Brochure_2012P-2630_low-res
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