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C-Arm Covers

A variety of mobile and mini c-arm covers made from durable polyethylene to provide a proper fit for any surgical procedure. The c-arm covers are quick to setup, efficient in use, and easy to discard. EtO sterilized, individually pouched, and properly labeled per FDA regulations, these covers allow for equipment and patient protection during procedures.

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Product Number Description Use Instructions Box Quantity
610-5429 Sterile, 9"/12" I.I. C-Arm Kit [Fits OEC 9600//9800, Siemens ARCADIS Avantec, 20 Siemens SIREMOBIL Compatct L, Siemens ARCADIS Varic, Philips BV series, Ziehm]; Kit consists of a C-Arm Drape with 5 mounting clips, I.I. cover, X-Ray Tube Cover and a Footswitch cover 20
610-5411 Sterile, 9" I.I./X-Ray Tube Cover; 30" x 32" Contoured Bandbag, individually packaged 60
610-5412 Sterile, 12" I.I. / X-Ray Tube Cover; 36" x 36" Contoured Bandbag, individually packaged 30
610-5414 Sterile, 9" I.I. Universal Halfbag Cover; 36" x 80" designed to fit the I.I. and midway down the C-Arm 20
610-5434 Sterile, Mobile C-Arm Drape; Clear poly, 42" x 74" with poly straps, individually pouched 20
610-5402 Sterile, Mini C-Arm Kit [Fits OEC Mini 6800/6600]; Kit consists of a MiniView C-Arm Drape, Keyboard Cover and a Footswitch Cover, individually packaged 20
610-5403 Sterile, Mini C-Arm Drape [Fits OEC Mini 6800/6600]; Single piece drape to cover I.I., X-ray Tube and C-Arm, individually pouched 25
610-5423 Sterile, Mini C-Arm Drape (Fluoroscan/Hologic); Single piece drape to cover I.I., X-ray Tube and C-Arm, individually pouched 20

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