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GUS Disinfection Soak Station™ for TEE

This unique curved tube design makes it easy to insert and remove long TEE transducers. The heavy duty stainless steel safety cage protects against tube and transducer damage. The soaking station ships standard with three tubes, two for high-level disinfection and the third tube for initial rinse. Final rinsing should be done in accordance with the disinfectant manufacturer’s guidelines. Each tube holds less than one quart of disinfectant, as compared to two gallons used in conventional soaking basins. This amounts to savings of 45.5 gallons of disinfectant per year. This soaking system meets OSHA guidelines.

Replacement containters are sold separately. For proper ventilation, allow the following space requirements: 51" x 17" x 16”. Unit dimensions: 48” x 14” x 15”.

GUS Disinfection Soak Stations are not available for sale in every country. Please contact CIVCO at 800.445.6741 if you have questions.

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates fumes and protects staff while using 75% less disinfectant
  • Meets OSHA requirements
  • Protects delicate probes by suspending them with a grip clip in soak container
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Product Number Description Associated Part Numbers Use Instructions Box Quantity
610-850 GUS Disinfection Station for TEE G14TC-3, 110V, Wall mount - 1.5" x 64" curved tubes (3.8cm x 162.6cm) M0010 1
610-2159 GUS Disinfection Station for TEE G14-TC3-EU, 220/230V International System, Wall mount - 1.5" x 64" curved tubes (3.8cm x 162.6cm) 1
610-1211 Replacement Curved Tube for GUS G14TC-3 Stations TUBE-C 1
610-1208 Replacement Filter for GUS G14 Stations F141-02 2
610-2016 Tube Cleaning Brush for G14TC-3 TEE Station 1
610-2049 Count Down Timer 1
Item Title
GUS Brochure GUS Brochure
TEE Probe Disinfection Checklist TEE Probe Disinfection Checklist
GUS Soak Station Log for TEE Probes GUS Soak Station Log for TEE Probes
CIVCO-Catalog CIVCO-Catalog

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