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Volume Studies

Why the Multi-Purpose Workstation™ Floor Mount

  • Has your cancer center migrated a great distance from Surgery Department and the Brachytherapy system, but your department is still responsible for volume studies?
  • Are you challenged by transporting the Micro-Touch Stabilizer and Stepper from the Operating Theatre to the location where the volume study is to be performed?   
  • Are there no surgical rails on the procedure tables in your Cancer Center, but you desire to perform these studies in house?

The Multi-Purpose Workstation (floor mount) is ideal for volume studies prior to an HDR or LDR procedure when the above challenges exist. The workstation acts as a stable platform and features a single-point locking mechanism to rapidly and easily lock the stabilizer position without transducer migration. The workstation’s wheels and adjustable height provide easy transportation, setup and storage. 

  • Sole solution for clinical settings where a bed rail is not available
  • Autonomy of practitioner during procedure with fine height adjustment knob of stepper
  • Rapid connect feature mitigates long set up and clinician prep prior to procedure
  • Flexibility and accurate positioning guaranteed with single-point locking mechanism regardless  of height or position of the probe entry point

​If you desire a table mounted Multi-Purpose Workstation, see the LP (Low Profile) device shown below.

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