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Core Values

CIVCO Medical Solutions’ success is dependent upon its associates’ skills and dedication to perform in a manner consistent with the Core Values. These Core Values form the basis of the company’s identity and how CIVCO creates competitive advantage in the medical industry. Change is ever present, but whatever the change, whatever our roles, we know the basics of who we are and what we do – the core that stays constant in the midst of change. Briefly, the Values are:

Character: Actions driven by integrity and commitment.

Innovation: Improved solutions through creative, imaginative and critical thinking.

Value & Service: Quality products focused on customer needs and exceeding 
their expectations.

Community: Achieving personal growth in an environment of learning and mutual respect.

Ownership: Pride in our results, driven by personal accountability, discipline and 
quality work.

Together, these principles and values guide associate actions and form a base of expectations. All associates, customers, and business partners must be able to rely on a consistent and focused execution of this philosophy.