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CIVCO Medical Solutions Acquires PCI Medical

Frequently Asked Questions

What has happened?

On March 14, 2016 CIVCO Medical Solutions purchased the assets of PCI Medical.  The initial focus for CIVCO will be the launch of the ASTRA product line, while the focus of PCI group will be serving the existing customer base and ongoing support of the GUS products and accessories.

Will PCI Medical retain its name?

PCI Medical employees are now CIVCO employees while the PCI products are now CIVCO owned products.  Over a transition period and with careful planning, the PCI company along with its brands will become CIVCO names and brands.  Communication of this transition will take place with the customers to ensure clarity as the partnership grows.

Who do I contact for my PCI sales and service support?

Customers may continue to reach out to their PCI representative for product requests.  The CIVCO team will begin selling ASTRA in select geographic markets later this year.

When is this official?

The closing date on the purchase of the PCI assets was March 14, 2016. 

Will you still offer education?

Yes, it’s CIVCO’s plan to continue to provide educational support and the service that PCI is known for.