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Intuit Series with PEELSafe Advantage™ Probe Covers

Intuit Series with PEELSafe Advantage™ Probe Covers

Introducing Intuit Cover Line with PEELSafe Advantage.  As an infection control leader in the market, CIVCO is excited to introduce a new technology to save time and streamline your ultrasound workflow.  The PEELSafe Advantage is fast and convenient allowing the end user to peel off the liner and apply directly to the transducer without any gel needed inside the covers.  This new technology in conjunction with our Intuit series covers  is an intuitive, easy-to-use sterile barrier and designed to provide distortion-free images while scanning. 

Features & Benefits

  • NO gel needed inside the cover
  • PEELSafe Advantage will not leave residue on the transducer
  • Allows for time savings in application and clean up
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Product Number Description Associated Part Numbers Use Instructions Box Quantity
610-2312 Sterile 14 x 91.5cm (5.5" x 36") telescopically folded CIV-Flex cover with PEELSafe 610-2312-5 0438353 24
610-2313 Sterile 14 x 147.3cm (5.5" x 58") telescopically folded CIV-Flex cover with PEELSafe 610-2313-5 0438353 24
610-2289 Sterile 14 x 147cm (5.5" x 58") rolled CIV-Flex cover with PEELSafe 610-2289-5 0438353 24
610-2290 Sterile 14 x 30cm (5.5" x 12") accordion-folded CIV-Flex cover on applicator with PEELSafe Advantage (opening: 3.6") 610-2290-5 0438352 24
Item Title
Intuit Brochure Intuit Brochure
PEELSafe Advantage Covers Workflow

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